Futures Fest

Music & Acting Showcase Competition

Futures Fest began in 1994 as a way to give talented people in the Edmonton area a place to perform and showcase their skills to their friends, family, and peers. Now, 24 years later, the event has grown and evolved along with the talented people that have taken part in it.

It features a vocal contest that gives singers a chance to perform in a multitude of genres, acting for solo speeches, musical theatre, instrumental music, and bands of any popular music genre.

FuturesFest 2017 Winners

by Category

Congratulations to everyone that performed in the final showcase at The Needle Vinyl Tavern. Everyone put on a fantastic show this year, we will see you all next year!

Day 1 | Pop, Country, Rock, Jazz, & Originals


  • Ages 5-8: Lia Brioso
  • Ages 9-12: Hannah Adamson
  • Ages 13+: Emily Flint


  • Ages 9-12: Keirstyn Chartrand
  • Ages 13-16: Destiny Meilleur


  • Ages 13-16: Alexandrine Seibel


  • Ages 13-16: Katie Jo Gilmour

Original Song

  • Ages 13-16: Taylor Hambly


  • Ages 9-12: Emerson Brent
  • Ages 13-16: Homemade Psychos

Overall Winner of Day 1

  • Samantha Wiltzen

Day 2 | Musical Theatre Uptempo & Ballad

Musical Theatre Uptempo

  • Ages 5-8: Sofia Bazos
  • Ages 9-12: Morgan Peters
  • Ages 13-16: Anthea Lavergne
  • Ages 17+: Coleman Lappa

Musical Theatre Ballad

  • Ages 5-8: Lily Feddema
  • Ages 9-12: Portia Nyberg
  • Ages 13-16: Charlie Arnold
  • Ages 17+: Jason Dauvin

Overall Musical Theatre Winner

  • Sara Sheydwasser

Best Costume

  • Samantha Wiltzen and Emily Levine

Futures Fest 2017

Preliminary Dates

March 4 - VCPA South Edmonton

Classical / Jazz / Original / Adult Contemporary / Instrumental / Bands / Acting

March 5 - VCPA South Edmonton

Musical Theatre Ballad / Up-tempo / Pop / Rock / Country

March 11 - VCPA St. Albert

Classical / Jazz / Original / Adult Contemporary Acting / Instrumental / Bands / Rock

March 12 - VCPA St. Albert

Popular / Country

March 18 - VCPA St. Albert

Musical Theatre Ballad - Up-Tempo

March 19 - VCPA St. Albert

Musical Theatre Ballad - Up-Tempo

Solo finalists from Futures Fest vocal categories will be selected to perform in the St. Albert’s Got Talent semi-finals at Servus Credit Union Place during the St. Albert Lifestyle Expo from March 31-April 2.


This year we are happy to announce our Futures Fest finals will be hosted at the Vinyl Needle Tavern in downtown Edmonton, one of the cities top concert venues. Finalists from all performance categories will showcase their musical talents in this awesome finale concert afternoon.

Saturday April 22 & Sunday 23rd

  • Saturday, April 22 | Noon
  • Sunday, April 23 | Noon

The Needle Vinyl Tavern • 10524 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

No cover charge

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